Finding a great ride in Jackson

I was out other day with couple of buddies of mine in Jackson, MI and we decided to get a little something to drink at the local pub. We got start talking about high school and got pretty excited talking up a storm. 1 drink led to another and next thing you know we were taking shots and mixed drinks. From the help of alcohol we were feeling pretty good at which point my friend suggested we rent a limousine to take out to Detroit to take this get together to the next level. We all agreed and decided to rent ourselves a limousine. This is where things started to get interesting to say the least.. The limousine arrived quick, the owner and driver were both friendly and we decided to take it down to Detroit for some of the bars and clubs down there. It was super fun and exciting to be back with my friends again and we certainly felt that it was a special night with a limousine driver that was chauffeuring us around what a great treat it was. And I was very grateful for my friends to be showing me around like this, its been so long.

We arrived to the first club feeling pretty tipsy at this point but once we entered the venues we were fine and started dancing. I think moving around helps because after few more minutes I was feeling pretty fine again. We danced and got even more excited about what to do next. After 2 hours of dancing we got back into the limo and decided to go out to a restaurant. Yeah it was a great time and each time we were ready to take it to another level. So here we go again. Another one in the books. We got everything together and went to one of the best restaurants in Royal Oak.
This Jackson limo took care of us well.

There it was pretty crowded but given our state nothing we couldn't handle. My friend ordered some steak and I ordered some hamburgers. It was very delicious and I recommend everyone to go there. My friend spilled her drink and we had a great laugh.

It is moment like these that I cherish the most. I get to take a break from my main business Pet Nutrition Products

but sometimes a girl has to have fun. and its night like these that makes me really appreciate my life, being with friends and having a blast. I will be able to get more joy in the future when my business is doing well and I am filled with happiness inside and out. I get to do more good in the world.

Pet Nutrition Product Business Mindset

What up this is pet nutrition there was another blog post I wanted to talk about everything situation I had with a business.where he was not returning my calls because we have not establish trust as a pet nutrition owner I want to let everybody know that I am a legit businessman when it comes to that lean part of that provide real value to my customers even though I may be late on my shipment sometimes. I am still the best choice when it comes to paying your tuition I have been 13 pack uneven load for a long time and I believe I am the right person to be delivering products around the world.

first I will start and then then I will expand into other states I am economical friendly and environmentalyes I do believe I have what it takes to be the number one supplier in Michigan last article I talked about help paying a old person there are products by using a limo company but that limo company got into a car accident, and had to get towed I'm business owner you can never be too careful about a lot of accidents happening to you it would be wise to plan for the unexpected and still go out there and make things happen I think you need to do whatever it takes to become successful.

to penetrate the market with your product you need to take ten times the action I am a firm believer and blue collar hard work I let my teammates tell me that I'm working too hard that tells me I'm doing something right UTU when it comes to pay me attention I'm the number one guy other people wish they can do business like I do I am always looking out for the best interest of myself first and then to other bubble everything else I put my family first I am a family man.

with him for a month other than pet nutrition I would like to take care of my nutrition and take the royal couple of months and I believe is good for me the temperaments help me regain strength in my bones my teeth and my energy levels go higher and higher every dayjust a blog post about my attitude towards business I want to let everybody know that I'm a serious business going there I take pet nutrition seriously how I started with paying your tuition was one day one time rather I had a dog that got very sick no matter what I did

even though they are better I took him to vet after vet I did everything in my power but he still will not get better so I decided to take matters into my own hands and decide a tree and myself and now the best decision I ever did because I came up with solutions that we're just incredible miraculous how would say the dog heal it in a few weeks and I was just happy I've got more things done I was a productive my dog was happy and my family was happy and my daughter was doing good day at school life was going great and then I realize that saving a dog if life was also saving my life bringing more joy to my life which I really really liked and people respect the fact that I can save dogs life.

this is why I am really big and kind you're sure sure I hope everybody feels the same and we know for today I think this is good for a blog post please continue to follow and you will hear more of me and hear more about my attitude and how I want to succeed how I want to get the place to buy gold dream never meant to be achieved and I am going out there and making things happen this is why I am in business for myself with a business owner I will never rest until I receive what I set out to achieve thank you.

Some Set back with Deliveries, Car stuck in Ditch, Local Towing Service

Hey guys just wanted to report on my recent troubles trying to get Pet Nutrition, out there in the world.
You see I'm not much of a sales person so I do need the help all I can get. In my last article I talked about how I was having local limo owner deliver my products for me and yes that was all going so well for little while here is a picture of a happy dog because of our product!
Isn't that the happiest dog ever?
Well let me tell you an incident that made me not so much happy like the dog shown above. We were getting bunch of products together for our local client and getting ready to deliver.
Our limo driver arrived on time and picked up the goods for us, he was going to take it to Arlington Heights and we gave the invoices to him for him to get ready to ship.
He set off and it was snowing pretty bad but we felt confident that he will get the products delivered safe and sound.
The next 15 min we got a call from him saying that there was a strange ice patch on the road and his limo spun out of control. What the heck we thought. We thought he was a professional driver but apparently not.
So he was stuck in the snow with our products while our client is calling us wondering what the heck happened to her delivery.
The limo owner was really just unable to do anything about it so he called a towing company to come get him. And I guess they arrived on time and everything and got him out of the ditch thank god, well if that wasn't enough he began asking us to pay for the towing fee because it was our responsibility that he had to drive in the snowing and bad road condition.

Which we almost flipped the switch literally...

"Are you to tell me that it was our fault that you slid out of control into the ditch you Morronnn we almost said and we really wanted to. And sorry for keep saying we, in my mind I am talking with my dogs. Well I'm not in a relationship but I have the pets. But I digress anyways...

Yea so this is why I don't deal with humans they are pitiful and ridiculous. Instead of having the courage to admit to his mistakes, own up to them, and taking responsibility.

He had the audacity to claim that what happened to him was his mistake and he wants us to pay for the $150 towing fee! Thats more than what I will make from the pet product !!! How ridiculous is that!!!

Anyway to add insult to injury he was rude about it... jeeez

the nerve of these people.

What I did was I called up his manager, and the limo owner is actually half way decent human being, he was like "yea we're sorry I think our driver was really flustered, we will pay for the towing fee", so yea that's that at least the owner was normal.

While I understand the desire to want to blame somebody else, to do that to a customer is a big minus and he really should not be qualified to hold the job any longer.

Anyway after the whole crazy ordeal, my client go the products, they were very pleased, I explained to them the whole situation, and they understood, and I was able to make first of many sales. And I'm quite pleased about that.

So pet nutrition will continue as planned, I just wanted to report about the small hurdle, because its not always smooth sailing trying to start a business. ok i will stop now.
If you are interested in some of our home made pet nutrition products

shoot me an email:

Pet Nutrition Food Will Be Delivered Soon


Hey everyone Its Pet Nutrition Products again, want to go over what has been happening as of late.

We are in the process of launching a new project where we partner up with local limo companies to delivery our pet foods and nutrition supplies to various elderly homes that can't get out and shop like the rest of us.

This will give us good opportunity to connect with the locals and have more of a say in the community at large and at the various events taking place, here and abroad. The more we do these things I feel that the more we become responsible individuals for rest of the community and I am a big believer in giving back to the community.

We want to make Pet Nutrition successful here is my goal for 2015

1. Earn $30,000 recurring income
2. Have enough money to go out and eat whatever I want
3. Excellent health, strong healthy white teeth
4. increased charisma and confidence
5. attracting new clients and business owners
6. complete an epic book for Mike Mew

It is a goal that is worth shooting for as I turn up my action taking and efforts I will eventually get there. I need to work on my focus during the day and staying out of Facebook. Success does not come to those who wait but for those that take consistent effort.
I am a success becomes I take the neccessarry actions each day to get there.

Even if there is stumbling blocks, I know I can dust my self off and get to the next level. I am the one that decides my future and now I am easily putting in 14 hour week days it is massive action time. There is no time for rest. wow I am in love with this process and working for 14 hours. I am getting after it. Yes I am amazing I just need to find my purpose. One of my purpose is become a role model for others. To become a role model for other asians. This is why I work so hard for myself and my business My purpose is tied to something greater. Something amazing.

And then pet nutrition will be taking off, partnering up with limousine company was the first step. One out of many that's coming a long the way. What I love about working with local limo company is that they are easy to deal with and handle. They just need the leads and I can help them get it. I make deals with them and I move on. I am a monster when it comes to pet nutrition, clean carpets, and limousines. It's a strange mix trust me I know but somehow my life experience has taught me a lot about each of these subjects.

I will be exploring more along the way.

We will start deliverying some pet nutrition products

The best pet nutrition we have available but how do we get it to our clients?

Importance of Clean Carpet for Family & Pets

Hello guys,

Pet Nutrition Products is dedicating to teaching our lovely pet owners out there some tips of raising your lovely pets in the best condition.
I have been a pet owner myself for over 20 years and one thing I have learned is that the more love and care you give to your pets the better pets they become.
Interestingly that's how I see raising kids reflect that. It reflect the same thing back those lovely pets are smart and they won't lie or give you false reading.
A lousy pet reflects a lousy owner.
With that in mind, when keeping pets indoors, you have to understand that they most likely have fur and fur sheds. In doors the fur goes no where else but on the carpet where your kids are rolling around in.
This is a bad combination that can harbor some allergies and cause nasal blockages to your kids which can be damaging to their health and facial development.

I make sure that I give my pets all the best of the house but in return I have to remember that they will leave behind fur and other dust everywhere they go. How I get over this is to make sure I clean just as well. What I recommend is once a year or ideally twice a year, order professional carpet cleaning

here's some things that you will love about doing this.

Your carpet will last longer, feel better, smell better, look better, and your family will spend more time together because now the carpet feels great to lay in all day.

I became hooked when I first got it done few years back and have been getting it done twice a year now and have been pleased every time especially if you find a reputable company in the local area.

So if you own pets.
Look to keep carpet cleaned.
I swear the air inside the home starting feeling better too.

and my child seems to experience less allergies.

Clean carpet is awesome, and if you keep pets indoors look to getting professional cleaning every now and then.

Talk to you soon.

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