Finding a great ride in Jackson

I was out other day with couple of buddies of mine in Jackson, MI and we decided to get a little something to drink at the local pub. We got start talking about high school and got pretty excited talking up a storm. 1 drink led to another and next thing you know we were taking shots and mixed drinks. From the help of alcohol we were feeling pretty good at which point my friend suggested we rent a limousine to take out to Detroit to take this get together to the next level. We all agreed and decided to rent ourselves a limousine. This is where things started to get interesting to say the least.. The limousine arrived quick, the owner and driver were both friendly and we decided to take it down to Detroit for some of the bars and clubs down there. It was super fun and exciting to be back with my friends again and we certainly felt that it was a special night with a limousine driver that was chauffeuring us around what a great treat it was. And I was very grateful for my friends to be showing me around like this, its been so long.

We arrived to the first club feeling pretty tipsy at this point but once we entered the venues we were fine and started dancing. I think moving around helps because after few more minutes I was feeling pretty fine again. We danced and got even more excited about what to do next. After 2 hours of dancing we got back into the limo and decided to go out to a restaurant. Yeah it was a great time and each time we were ready to take it to another level. So here we go again. Another one in the books. We got everything together and went to one of the best restaurants in Royal Oak.
This Jackson limo took care of us well.

There it was pretty crowded but given our state nothing we couldn't handle. My friend ordered some steak and I ordered some hamburgers. It was very delicious and I recommend everyone to go there. My friend spilled her drink and we had a great laugh.

It is moment like these that I cherish the most. I get to take a break from my main business Pet Nutrition Products

but sometimes a girl has to have fun. and its night like these that makes me really appreciate my life, being with friends and having a blast. I will be able to get more joy in the future when my business is doing well and I am filled with happiness inside and out. I get to do more good in the world.