Some Set back with Deliveries, Car stuck in Ditch, Local Towing Service

Hey guys just wanted to report on my recent troubles trying to get Pet Nutrition, out there in the world.
You see I'm not much of a sales person so I do need the help all I can get. In my last article I talked about how I was having local limo owner deliver my products for me and yes that was all going so well for little while here is a picture of a happy dog because of our product!
Isn't that the happiest dog ever?
Well let me tell you an incident that made me not so much happy like the dog shown above. We were getting bunch of products together for our local client and getting ready to deliver.
Our limo driver arrived on time and picked up the goods for us, he was going to take it to Arlington Heights and we gave the invoices to him for him to get ready to ship.
He set off and it was snowing pretty bad but we felt confident that he will get the products delivered safe and sound.
The next 15 min we got a call from him saying that there was a strange ice patch on the road and his limo spun out of control. What the heck we thought. We thought he was a professional driver but apparently not.
So he was stuck in the snow with our products while our client is calling us wondering what the heck happened to her delivery.
The limo owner was really just unable to do anything about it so he called a towing company to come get him. And I guess they arrived on time and everything and got him out of the ditch thank god, well if that wasn't enough he began asking us to pay for the towing fee because it was our responsibility that he had to drive in the snowing and bad road condition.

Which we almost flipped the switch literally...

"Are you to tell me that it was our fault that you slid out of control into the ditch you Morronnn we almost said and we really wanted to. And sorry for keep saying we, in my mind I am talking with my dogs. Well I'm not in a relationship but I have the pets. But I digress anyways...

Yea so this is why I don't deal with humans they are pitiful and ridiculous. Instead of having the courage to admit to his mistakes, own up to them, and taking responsibility.

He had the audacity to claim that what happened to him was his mistake and he wants us to pay for the $150 towing fee! Thats more than what I will make from the pet product !!! How ridiculous is that!!!

Anyway to add insult to injury he was rude about it... jeeez

the nerve of these people.

What I did was I called up his manager, and the limo owner is actually half way decent human being, he was like "yea we're sorry I think our driver was really flustered, we will pay for the towing fee", so yea that's that at least the owner was normal.

While I understand the desire to want to blame somebody else, to do that to a customer is a big minus and he really should not be qualified to hold the job any longer.

Anyway after the whole crazy ordeal, my client go the products, they were very pleased, I explained to them the whole situation, and they understood, and I was able to make first of many sales. And I'm quite pleased about that.

So pet nutrition will continue as planned, I just wanted to report about the small hurdle, because its not always smooth sailing trying to start a business. ok i will stop now.
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